End-of-Life Announcement for Alchemy Webstore and Alchemy for Tridion

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In July 2015, Content Bloom announced the Alchemy Webstore as a free community project. Since then, we’re pleased to have had over 1,400 software downloads and over 4,000 plugin downloads.

Though our team has diligently kept Alchemy alive and up-to-date, the release of Tridion Sites 9.5 came with the new “Experience Space” interface, which is not supported by Alchemy.

We will officially be discontinuing the Alchemy Webstore and Alchemy for Tridion Software at the end of February.

As of February 28, 2023, the Alchemy Webstore website located at https://www.alchemywebstore.com/ will no longer be available to upload and/or download Alchemy plugins for the Tridion content management system.

Installations of Alchemy will be impacted in the following ways:

  • Installed plugins will continue to work within the Tridion Content Manager
  • The CMS Webstore functionality will no longer continue to function

Content Bloom continues to serve as the largest RWS Tridion Sites and Docs implementer in North America, working in long-term partnerships with some of the world’s most respected bands.

Should you wish to continue using any of your plugins with Tridion Sites 9.5 and beyond, Content Bloom offers custom engagements to convert them for use. For more information about this service, please reach out to sales@contentbloom.com.

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